Download and install the call Center files and software. Use the Standard Template file if you have the profisinoal version.

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Demo Replica

You can deploy a replica of the call center software to see the benifits of the software. We provide IVR in all langauges from neema Software.

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We offer superior, impressive services based on our philosophy of “HumanIT”to support the endeavors of customers beyond the framework of IT and national borders.

The major strengths of the IT services offered by neema Software & Design are: solutions provided by diverse“ human capital” specializing in a wide range of industry sectors and operations such as the public sector, finance, manufacturing and distribution; and a reliable service infrastructure including Data Centers, Contact Centers, networks, security, VOIP for industery, and Traffic dealling for retail and wholesale

By integrating these strengths, we support the business management of customers in the entire IT lifecycle ranging from consulting through to design, development, introduction, operation, and maintenance of systems.

Furthermore, we offer a one-stop solution to meet all manner of customer needs in three areas cloud services, global solutions, and BPO services beyond the framework of conventional services by utilizing our rich experience related to IT services.

Global Solutions

Comprehensive support for international business deployment of customers from troublesome local procedures required when entering the local market and the expansion of businesses.

Cloud Services

Comprehensive support for the development through to operation and maintenance of cloud environments customized to suit your business needs.

BPO Services

Support for your business by utilizing our rich expertise in different industry sectors and operations, not limited to IT.

Humen Capial

Our business locations cover all of UAE and are expanding globally. As a closest and most loyal partner, neema Software LLC supports the challenges of customers by providing “human capital” equipped with diverse skills and a highly-reliable service infrastructure.

Satisfied Customers

we focus on:

  • 24Hour Support
  • Strong NOC team
  • best price for retail from A ~ Z
  • smart Voip
  • Live Chat
  • Top Profit for customers

Documentd Software

neema Software & Design is giving full documented install, that installs through or team of the complete software.

Note: All the softwares we provid are tested in all the environment needed, plus we give a complet advice for the whole project.