Routing your VoIP traffic to multiples destination

Welcome to the Neema Softwarevoip routes . We make make sure your voip gets through quick and easy. If you want minimum very cost effective , the best performance, quality , and energy efficiency, use our VoIP gateways.

you can create an account by choosing one of our numerous payments plans and make a pre-payment, then configure your device to enjoy the cheapest rates in wholesale termination minutes anywhere.

Why our VOIP Routes?

  • Reliability .
  • Costeffective.
  • Investment Protection.

Note:Don't rely on other routes when you can use Neema Software to terminate your traffic.

Advanced end-to-end traffic monitoring, reporting and business intelligence

  • Gain value from user-generated data with our advanced end-to-end traffic monitoring, reporting and business intelligence tools. Increase customer intimacy and offer the optimal roaming experience through real time monitoring and 24/7 customer supporty .
  • Ad et a full view of the performance of your roaming traffic and get accurate, in-depth understanding of roaming usage, revenue and behavior patterns by analyzing over 2 billion records in near-real time every day.
  • SMART Web vision offers an innovative suite of advanced web-based tools enabling customers to access over one terabyte of traffic and big data in near real time. SMART provides operators with an end-to-end view of their roaming business.

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Documentd Software

neema Software & Design is giving full documented install, that installs through or team of the complete software.

Note: All the softwares we provid are tested in all the environment needed, plus we give a complet advice for the whole project.