Software production

Software manufacturing is the process of producing software in ways similar to the manufacturing of tangible goods. In this way of conducting business, each copy of the software is priced and sold as though it was a tangible product. The sales process usually is conducted by per copy or per desktop software licensing. When this method is used, the software is developed by software engineering firms specializing in such practices and distributed through retail stores and sold on a per unit basis at a margin price to the buyer greater than zero, even though software has a zero marginal cost per copy to the producer. Software manufacturing like all other tangible goods can have errors and Total Quality Management (TQM) can be implied in the process software cycle


2. Our Methods

  1. Enable customer care with understanding the problem first.
  2. Plane the logistic and customer needs to set
    proper solutions directory
  3. analysis for flow chart steps, during the programming.
  4. Design the modules of the software with OOP Object Orinted Programming.
  5. Implement the solution step wise to pass through the old system in the customer environment.
  6. Offer the right maintenence for every software from our product line with 24H online support and remote desktop.

Software Info

Redundant systems are designed using multiple copies of the same resource (e.g., a logic network or a software module) in order to increase system dependability. Design diversity has long been used to protect redundant systems from common-mode failures. The conventional notion of diversity relies on "independent" generation of "different" implementations. We make our software with the same logic and same team.